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Tomorrow night, Sketch Tuesdays brings you a special all female evening by guest curator Adam Rozan at 111 Minna Gallery in San Francisco.

Featuring: Helena Keeffe, Jenifer Wofford, Megan Wolfe, Lisa Ricci, Carey Lin, Lauren Napolitano, Torreya Cummings, Susie Cagle, Aoi Yamaguchi, Jenn Porreca, Lara Hoke Kimberley, Kate Koeppel, Prisa Rianzi, Kimberly Rowe, Lauren Lester, Wendy MacNaughton, Daniela Cunha Lay, Kelly Allen, Jennifer Hennesy, Nidhi Chanani, Gabrielle Rose, and Quintessa Matranga and Hilde Lynn of Stinky Pinkies.

Check it out!

Simple sketches… #michaelcuffe #sketch (Taken with instagram)

NY artist “The Downtown Doodler” has been hitting the Starbucks cups while grabbing a cup o’ joe every morning….pretty neat!

"…During one of these extra pump days my procrastination set in and my empty grande Starbucks cup sat there, taunting me, asking me to doodle on it. Once my Sharpie marker joined in on the taunting, I couldn’t resist. So much open white space! The clean circle with the green and white scales reaching the edge of the logo just begged to be connected, extended and twisted. I gave in and my Starbucks project was born. I don’t get a chai tea every day, so i can take my time and make sure each cup is it’s own little masterpiece."

Our Fifth Warholian Facebook Sketch Party submission on the subject of “water and light” comes from our Editor in Chief Michael Cuffe! Keep submissions coming folks (!

"Triangular UFO over Lake Superior"
Oil on Calendar Paper
5 Minutes

Join us for the Warholian sketch party TONIGHT here on Facebook ( ! WE WANT YOU to paint, draw, photograph, etc. a picture based on the subject of “water and light”. Then, scan or photograph (do as good a job as possible on this) and email us your picture to - we’ll post them here throughout the night here on our Facebook page! Please include your full name, website address (if you have one), and the title/medium of your piece. Try to create this work of art in less than an hour if possible - or even a couple of minutes if you can. THIS IS YOUR CHANCE to be featured in our feed and exposed to thousands of art lovers! DO IT!