What would Warhol look like at age 83?


The Birmingham-based artist Edgar Askelovic has unveiled a striking new sculpture which attempts to depict what Andy Warhol would look like if he were still alive, aged 83. The piece took three months to create (working most days until 4am) and was completed just in time for Warhol’s 83rd birthday on 6 August, 2011. Askelovic even sold his car to get the money he needed to buy the silicone and clay materials.

“The pose of the piece is taken from a photograph of Warhol in the 60s. He is a huge inspiration to me and I wanted to make sure that I did him justice with my work,” said the 23-year-old artist.

“I thought long and hard about what he might look like today, which led me to sculpt him without his teeth and with the wrinkles that reflect the years that have now passed. Although maybe there should also be a botox version – after all, he was a pioneer of all things new.”


A picture of Edie Sedgwick around the Warholian office…. #art #ediesedgwick #andywarhol #photobooth #photo (Taken with instagram)