"Paper Crane" - one of the latest confirmed Banksy’s… #banksy #streetart (Taken with Instagram)

"No Can Left Behind" show by Can Love at 941 Geary Preview… check out the show tonight!

June 16 - July 28, 2012

Canlove is an LA-based Graffiti Recycling Organization founded and managed by creative partners DJ Neff and Paul Ramirez. The non-profit kicked off over two years back, but the guiding inspiration had an earlier birth. Neff, a graffiti artist who started in the nineties describes the idea as part of a natural evolution of his interest in spray paint: “I wanted to understand the can better than anything - to make it do everything. There are too many cans everywhere to not use them,” says Ramirez, “Canlove is much bigger than a couple of people. We’re going to need a lot of help to bring our bigger vision to life.”

"No Can Left Behind" will be the first large scale installation of the artist collaborative. This show exemplifies the full process of graffiti itself, taking the tools that have enabled street art culture and allowing them to stand alone as new visual art. 

Banksy is at it again, check out the latest work from the world’s most notorious street artist.

Stuck up sticker wall Miami #streetart #artist #Banksy #eyez @eyez #graffiti #art (Taken with instagram)

Wanna see some very early Banksy street art and work? Check out this awesome set of photos just released from The Banksy Forum!


Beware of the latest street artist… Hanksy….


(Artist Unknown.)

(Source: supersonicart)


Banksy for the Art in the Streets exhibit @ the Los Angeles MOCA.

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Well, this is something.

International street graffiti artist Banksy bombed the opening “couch potato” sequence of the Simpsons Sunday evening.  Word is that the street artist directed and story boarded the opening which featured the seedy side of the animation business, and the cheap swag that is produced from it.

We’re surprised FOX even aired it.

This also confirms a recent work that just appeared in the UK.  Looks like Banksy to us!


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