"Peter Gronquist’s 2013 installation “Self-Portrait,” at Brooklyn’s ArtNow NY. An effigy of the artist is suspended in midair after apparently being catapulted through the windshield of an actual car by the force of a head-on collision with a deer. A Converse sneaker has been knocked off one of his feet, and shards of glass hang ominously around him on strings. Gronquist explained that the project took months to complete, and involved finding the old car on Craigslist and discovering the difficulty of smashing it up (he showed ARTINFO footage of slamming it into a tree). Gronquist said the idea of depicting a crash as a self-portrait came to him in a near dream state several years ago, and is reminiscent of the way the creative process feels sometimes. The asking price on the work is $150,000.”  - via blouinartinfo

"Color Murder Growth" Crayola crayon installation by artist Herb Williams.
"Color Murder Growth" Crayola crayon installation by artist Herb Williams.


Our good friend, the ever amazingly brilliant artist Ian Strange (aka Kid Zoom) has spent the past two years on this ambitious project (video)… take a look! We’re stoked!


The Skywhale is a hot air balloon designed by sculptor Patricia Piccinini as part of a commission to mark the centenary of Canberra. The artist often creates realistic human-like sculptures and her work is exhibited worldwide. #patriciapiccinini #art #artist #hotairballoon #skywhale #balloon #whale #installation #sculptor #sculpture #canberra

Artist Taro Hattori’s “Obscenity” installation at theArtmrkt San Francisco Art Fair - which runs through this weekend! This year’s show is the best yet! Artists, this is a must to attend - great selection of work exhibited throughout! 

For more info and ticketing info visit:http://www.art-mrkt.com/sf

Photo by Michael Cuffe for Warholian.

Record attendance and long lines mark a successful opening ArtMRKT in San Francisco! Featured in foreground is artist Taro Hattori’s installation sculpture piece entitled “Obscenity”. Photo via @mikecuffe for Warholian. #artmrkt #sanfrancisco #artmarket #art #artist #painting #fortmason #tarohattori #installation #obscenity (at Festival Pavilion)

Artist florentijn Hofman’s Giant Inflatable ‘Rubber Duck’ in Hong Kong. (via My Modern Metropolis)

"Milky Way -Breath 02"  - installation view - by Mihoko Ogaki 
2010 / FRP, LED with dimmer, wood - 190.5 x 107 x 108 cm / 75 x 42 x 42.5 inch (with podium)

"Milky Way -Breath 02"  - installation view - by Mihoko Ogaki 

2010 / FRP, LED with dimmer, wood - 190.5 x 107 x 108 cm / 75 x 42 x 42.5 inch (with podium)


"Suspended Feather Installation" by artist Isa Barbier.

See more from the artist here: http://www.isabarbier.fr/

Tonight! One of the most ambitious public art installations The Bay Lights opens on the San Francisco/Oakland Bay Bridge! Come out to the Embarcadero to view this historic lighting! After party at Project One Gallery in the Design District of San Francisco.

This is a historic night for art, and one of the largest art installations ever produced. Do not miss it! 

Note: Dress warm, and prepare for the possibility of rain.

For more information on tonight’s lighting and times, visit the official Bay Lights page here:http://thebaylights.org/event/grand-lighting-happenings/

"Dismemberment, Site 1" sculpture by Anish Kapoor
Mild steel tube and tensioned fabric
West end 25 x 8m, East end 8 x 25m. Length 85m

Composed of a vast PVC membrane stretched between the two giant steel ellipses, Kapoor’s work is architectural, and yet it also has a fleshy quality which the artist describes as being “rather like a flayed skin”. The fleshy dark red membrane that this work shares with two earlier temporary works commissioned for the BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art and the Tate Modern’s Turbine Hall (refers to Joan of Arc).
Kapoor has commented, “I want to make body into sky”. At the farm he achieves this. Here, the artist had to devise a form that was both freestanding and capable of surviving a constant arm-wrestle with the sky and the mercurial weather conditions.


Artist Yunwoo Choi creates impressive sculptures out of discarded magazines. 

For more on the artist and his work visit: http://www.yunwoochoistudio.com/

Joana Vasconcelos - “Lilicoptère”
at the Chateau de Versailles, 2012 Photo: Kisa Lala

Check it out on HuffPost Arts here:http://www.huffingtonpost.com/kisa-lala/marie-antoinettes-royal-m_b_1605616.html?utm_hp_ref=arts

"Gay Marriage" sculpture installation

Artists Elmgreen & Dragset 2012

porcelain urinals, taps, stainless steel tubing 

123 x 110 x 43 cm

 Enormous Field of LED Lights made to look like an overgrown field of rice at Expo 2012 in Yeosu, South Korea.