"Peter Gronquist’s 2013 installation “Self-Portrait,” at Brooklyn’s ArtNow NY. An effigy of the artist is suspended in midair after apparently being catapulted through the windshield of an actual car by the force of a head-on collision with a deer. A Converse sneaker has been knocked off one of his feet, and shards of glass hang ominously around him on strings. Gronquist explained that the project took months to complete, and involved finding the old car on Craigslist and discovering the difficulty of smashing it up (he showed ARTINFO footage of slamming it into a tree). Gronquist said the idea of depicting a crash as a self-portrait came to him in a near dream state several years ago, and is reminiscent of the way the creative process feels sometimes. The asking price on the work is $150,000.”  - via blouinartinfo

Happening Now - Tilda Swinton seen sleeping a in a box at the Museum of Modern Art - Credit:Gothamist

"Tilda Swinton will be doing unannounced, random performance art pieces sleeping in a glass box in the museum," the source added. "Today is the first performance. Each performance lasts the whole day the museum is open." Swinton and her box are located near the ticket collectors today, but the box may be in different locations at other performances."

GalleristNY names James Turrell’s upcoming exhibit at the Guggenheim one of the top ten museum exhibitions for this spring. Mark your calendars for June 21st! 

James Turrell (born May 6, 1943) is an American artist primarily concerned with light and space. Turrell was a MacArthur Fellow in 1984. Turrell is best known for his work in progress, Roden Crater, located outside Flagstaff, Arizona, where he is turning a natural cinder volcanic crater into a massive naked-eye observatory.

Photo Courtesy James Turrell and the Guggenheim Museum; Rendering created by Andreas Tjeldflaat.

(info via Pace Gallery)

James Turrell’s 2013 Guggenheim INFO:

James Turrell’s first exhibition in a New York museum since 1980 focuses on the artist’s groundbreaking explorations of perception, light, color, and space, with a special focus on the role of site-specificity in his practice. At its core is a major new project that recasts the Guggenheim rotunda as an enormous volume filled with shifting artificial and natural light. One of the most dramatic transformations of the museum ever conceived, the installation reimagines Frank Lloyd Wright’s iconic architecture—its openness to nature, graceful curves, and magnificent sense of space—as one of Turrell’s Skyspaces, referencing in particular his magnum opus Roden Crater (1976–). Reorienting visitors’ experiences of the rotunda from above to below, the exhibition gives form to the air and light occupying the museum’s central void, proposing an entirely new experience of the building. Other works from throughout the artist’s career will be displayed in the museum’s Annex Level galleries, offering a complement and counterpoint to the new work in the rotunda. Organized in conjunction with the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, James Turrell comprises one-third of a major retrospective exhibition spanning the United States during summer 2013. This exhibition is curated by Carmen Giménez, Stephen and Nan Swid Curator of Twentieth-Century Art, with Nat Trotman, Associate Curator, Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum.


Warholian would like to congratulate artist Aoi Yamaguchi on her sucessful performance piece UNiBIRTH at ArtPadSF, alongside composer Sebastian Plano and dancers Celine Alwyn & Emmaly Wiederholt! Awesome work you guys!

Tonight Meryl Pataky’s ‘Future Sailor’ opens at Lebasse Projects! Check out our interview and photos by Michael Cuffe with the artist on Warholian here: 



Check out our interview with artist Adam Hunter Caldwell on his latest body of work in ‘Discovery’ now at Rook and Raven gallery in London! Story and photos by Warholian's own Michael Cuffe.

Follow Adam on FB here:https://www.facebook.com/pages/Adam-Hunter-caldwell-art/163629696984640

"Digital Watch" installation by  Jim Campbell, shot by photographer Michael Cuffe as displayed currently on the second floor of SFMOMA (San Francisco Museum of Modern Art)

American (Chicago, Illinois, 1956)


video installation | monitor, two video cameras, and custom electronics

Digital Watch uses video, electronics, and a watch to explore how communications media influence our perception of time.

Two video cameras are positioned within a gallery: one is trained on an analog pocket watch on display, while the other records visitors’ behavior in the space. The two continuous feeds are fused electronically into a single, beguiling video presented on a large monitor. The round face of the watch occupies most of the rectangular field, while moving images of the visitors fill the marginal spaces around it.

Meanwhile, the use of a digital frame delay in tandem with the real-time video creates a series of still images of the visitors, which pass through a five-second delay before they momentarily appear in the circular field of the watch’s dial. The pacing of the flickering still images is synchronized with the ticking of the watch’s second hand. The juxtaposition underscores the cognitive dissonance between the retrievable, non-linear nature of digital time and the relentless forward motion of its analog counterpart.

Source: http://www.sfmoma.org/explore/collection/artwork/9091#ixzz1sMUdPKgt 

"Lingering with Lichtenstein" by photographer Michael Cuffe

Rouen Cathedral Set V by Roy Lichtenstein
painting | oil and Magna on canvas

These paintings can be seen at SFMOMA (San Francisco Museum of Modern Art) on the second floor.

More info on the work: 
63 5/8 in. x 141 7/8 in. x 1 3/4 in. (161.61 cm x 360.36 cm x 4.45 cm)
Acquired 1992
Collection SFMOMA
Gift of Harry W. and Mary Margaret Anderson
© Estate of Roy Lichtenstein

Source: http://www.sfmoma.org/
San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

"Rothko Couple" by photographer Michael Cuffe

This painting can be seen at SFMOMA (San Francisco Museum of Modern Art) on the second floor.

American, born Latvia (Dvinsk, [now Daugavpils], Latvia, 1903 - 1970, New York City, New York)
No. 14, 1960
painting | oil on canvas

Source: http://www.sfmoma.org/explore/collection/artwork/22031#ixzz1sKQlrICV

We’re on a Frida kick tonight, and decided to assemble some of the best pictures of the iconic artist. Enjoy! - Warholian

The Contemporary Jewish Museum has just opened a special exhibition based on trees in our culture and religion through art entitled “Do Not Destroy”. Warholian's own Megan Wolfe was able to swing by the exhibit, and has shared a wonderful review with pictures from the show. Click the picture to check it out!

‎”A Person Loved Me” sculpture by artist Adrián Villar Rojas (2012) Part crash-landed spaceship, part Mayan ruin, Villar’s monumental clay sculpture takes us to a retro-future of ossified technology. It’s dank and earthy smell makes it feel appropriately graveyard. Currently on view at theNew Museum in New York!(photo by Carolina A. Miranda)

‎”A Person Loved Me” sculpture by artist Adrián Villar Rojas (2012) 

Part crash-landed spaceship, part Mayan ruin, Villar’s monumental clay sculpture takes us to a retro-future of ossified technology. It’s dank and earthy smell makes it feel appropriately graveyard. Currently on view at theNew Museum in New York!
(photo by Carolina A. Miranda)