Our latest Shepard Fairey print has been hung. #shepardfairey #obey #obeygiant (Taken with instagram)

Want to save murals in Los Angeles from being senselessly buffed by the city? Please read, “like”, and share this article, we’re trying to spread the word on this project and situation. 

For some time now there has been an ongoing battlebetween commissioned artist murals and the City of Los Angeles, with many being buffed based on out of date advertising laws. Art murals are being treated like illegal advertising. Artists Saber, Shepard Fairey, Lydia Emily, Desire Obtain Cherish, and other artists are leading the charge - with city leader Tanner Blackman at their backs.

Warholian's own Keisha Raines and Birdman have assembled a nice article highlighting the cause, check it out now and tell us what you think?

Check out our exclusive photos of Metallica’s OBEY YOUR MASTER opening this past friday as shot by Warholian's own Birdman Photos and with a nice writeup by Keisha Raines!!!


This new print from Shepard Fairey dropped this week… “I believe in using my art to advocate for human rights, so working with Human Rights Watch to further their goals is an honor and ideal collaboration for me. I’m very excited about this image because I feel it promotes the idea that a few courageous people can stand up for what they think is right, and soon others will join them. There is power in every small action and cumulative power in numbers. “TYRANNY HAS A WITNESS” showcases the hope and determination needed to fight injustice and oppression.” – Shepard. #shepardfairey #obey #obeygiant #art #artist #poster #print (Taken with instagram)

Formerly Barcelona’s (now Bagota’s) infamous street bomber Pez putting up a new piece over a bombed out Above/Shepard Fairey in Wynwood, Miami. #Pez #streetart #art #artist #above #shepardfairey #obey #Wynwood #Miami #artbasel (Taken with instagram)