"Peter Gronquist’s 2013 installation “Self-Portrait,” at Brooklyn’s ArtNow NY. An effigy of the artist is suspended in midair after apparently being catapulted through the windshield of an actual car by the force of a head-on collision with a deer. A Converse sneaker has been knocked off one of his feet, and shards of glass hang ominously around him on strings. Gronquist explained that the project took months to complete, and involved finding the old car on Craigslist and discovering the difficulty of smashing it up (he showed ARTINFO footage of slamming it into a tree). Gronquist said the idea of depicting a crash as a self-portrait came to him in a near dream state several years ago, and is reminiscent of the way the creative process feels sometimes. The asking price on the work is $150,000.”  - via blouinartinfo

Jackrabbit (Lepus Californicus) via artist Michael Alm.
Walnut, basswood, cedar shavings, glass eyes, 19.5in x 23in x 6.5in (includes base), *photo credit: Erik Hecht

See this and other pieces this Saturday evening at the FERAL CREATURES opening at moderneden in San Francisco.

This exhibition presents 10 contemporary artists whose inherent aesthetic employs beasts both fierce and docile as allegorical vehicles for life’s struggles and bliss. Each artist was chosen based on their natural mystique and ability to render beauty and grace with a skillful hand. By shining a spotlight on the wild, these artists allow the viewer to examine our reality through a broad tapestry of myth, imagination and animal behavior.

Featuring the talents of artists Michael Alm, JAW Cooper, Kikyz1313, Michael Page, Caitlin Hackett, Anita Kunz, Christina Mrozik, Jason Wheatley, Zoe Williams, and Peter Gronquist.

Find out more here: www.ModernEden.com

The Skywhale is a hot air balloon designed by sculptor Patricia Piccinini as part of a commission to mark the centenary of Canberra. The artist often creates realistic human-like sculptures and her work is exhibited worldwide. #patriciapiccinini #art #artist #hotairballoon #skywhale #balloon #whale #installation #sculptor #sculpture #canberra

Awesome work from artist and sculptor @derekweisberg and his hip hop portrait series featuring B.I.G. in foreground and 2Pac (behind) - featured with @spoke_art at the @artpadsf art fair in San Francisco this weekend! #artpadsf #spokeart #derekweisberg #sculptor #clay #notoriousbig #2pac #hiphop #hiphoplegends #artist #portrait (at The Phoenix Hotel)

These sculptures are made of over 50,000 matches by artist David Mach.  Pretty amazing stuff…

A collection of artist Kris Kuksi’s latest work at Joshua Liner gallery.  Read our Warholian interview with Kris on our site here:  http://warholian.com/2012/04/11/kris-kuksi-interview/

Isaac Cordal …is a sculpture artist from Galicia. His sculptures take 

the form of little people sculpted from concrete in ‘real’ situations. 

Cordal manages to capture a lot of emotion in his vignettes, in spite of

their lack of detail or colour. He is sympathetic toward his little 

people and we empathise with their situations, their leisure time, their

 waiting for buses and their more tragic moments such as accidental 

death, suicide or family funerals. His sculptures can be found in 

gutters, on top of buildings, on top of bus shelters - in many unusual 

and unlikely places in the capital. This book is the first time his 

images have been shown in together in one book dedicated to his work. 

Many images never seen before Cordal’s concrete sculptures are like 

little magical gifts to the public that only a few lucky people will see

and love but so many more will have missed. Left to their own devices 

throughout London Cordal what really makes these pieces magical is their

placement. They bring new meaning to little corners of the urban 

environment. They express something vulnerable but deeply engaging.  

Left to fend for themselves, you almost want to protect them in some 

way, or perhaps communicate with them. Of course the 25cm high 

sculptures of people in everyday poses the artist creates in are not 

real, are they? Well you’ve opened a whole can of worms with that 

question. Yes, the little scenes in Concrete Eclipse are somewhat 

poignant but they do not invite you to weep passively for lost worlds 

you never knew. They are there to provide a one handed clap to shake you

from your reveries and plug you back in to the world. So Cordall’s men 

in grey are a little message of hope in spite of their forlorn 

appearance and they are there to remind you that pessimism is not common

sense, it’s just pessimism. So make sure you do something inessential 

today. Go on, the grey men don’t want you to.

More info: http://isaac.alg-a.org

Artist John Chamberlain was  known for turning automotive scrap metal into sculpture has died in New York City. John Chamberlain was 84.

The Gagosian Gallery represented Chamberlain and says he died Wednesday in Manhattan.

Chamberlain’s career spanned decades. He started working with junked car metal in the late 1950s, gaining admirers and critics. He also worked with materials as wide-ranging as paper bags, aluminum foil and foam rubber. Chamberlain’s work has been exhibited all over the world. 

His first retrospective was at the city’s Guggenheim Museum in 1971.The Guggenheim announced earlier this month another retrospective of his work will be on exhibit from February to May of next year. The exhibit will include 95 of Chamberlain’s works from throughout his career. (via AP)

Artist Sam Jinks

"woman and child." 

silicone, silk, human hair. 2010

‎Amazing “Doghead” sculpture by artist Sam Jinks - 2008
30 x 140 x 60 cm
silicon, paint, human hair, & mixed media

"Expansion" by artist and sculptor Paige Bradley.

"Expansion" by artist and sculptor Paige Bradley.

"Planet" by sculptor and artist Marc Quinn, during an exhibition at Chatsworth House in 2008.

Another awesome sculpture from artist Miriam Lenk… “Le Mepris” / 2007 / Epoxidharz / 160x 130x 80cm

This giant clothespin sculpture was created by a Turkish art professor Mehmet Ali Uysal for the Festival of the Five Seasons in Chaudfontaine Park, Belgium. (Image credits: mmarsupilami)