"Peter Gronquist’s 2013 installation “Self-Portrait,” at Brooklyn’s ArtNow NY. An effigy of the artist is suspended in midair after apparently being catapulted through the windshield of an actual car by the force of a head-on collision with a deer. A Converse sneaker has been knocked off one of his feet, and shards of glass hang ominously around him on strings. Gronquist explained that the project took months to complete, and involved finding the old car on Craigslist and discovering the difficulty of smashing it up (he showed ARTINFO footage of slamming it into a tree). Gronquist said the idea of depicting a crash as a self-portrait came to him in a near dream state several years ago, and is reminiscent of the way the creative process feels sometimes. The asking price on the work is $150,000.”  - via blouinartinfo

Jackrabbit (Lepus Californicus) via artist Michael Alm.
Walnut, basswood, cedar shavings, glass eyes, 19.5in x 23in x 6.5in (includes base), *photo credit: Erik Hecht

See this and other pieces this Saturday evening at the FERAL CREATURES opening at moderneden in San Francisco.

This exhibition presents 10 contemporary artists whose inherent aesthetic employs beasts both fierce and docile as allegorical vehicles for life’s struggles and bliss. Each artist was chosen based on their natural mystique and ability to render beauty and grace with a skillful hand. By shining a spotlight on the wild, these artists allow the viewer to examine our reality through a broad tapestry of myth, imagination and animal behavior.

Featuring the talents of artists Michael Alm, JAW Cooper, Kikyz1313, Michael Page, Caitlin Hackett, Anita Kunz, Christina Mrozik, Jason Wheatley, Zoe Williams, and Peter Gronquist.

Find out more here: www.ModernEden.com

"Lesser Kudu" by artist Peter Gronquist. (@petergronquist)
Mixed Media Sculpture, 60”x16”x55”

Artist statement: The evolution of desire through greed and consumerism is explored with a bit of irony and humor in the artist’s large-scale works, where taxidermied animals have their antlers sculpted into objects like replica weaponry or corporate logos, often before being gold-plated. The majestic beauty of the animals themselves sometimes stands at odds with the cold, sharp-edged beauty of glittering metal, but other works strike a softer chord.

Born in 1979, Peter Gronquist is a visual artist living in Portland, Oregon. Gronquist attended the School of Visual Arts for two years, after which he completed his Bachelors of Art at the San Francisco Art Institute in 2001. Gronquist has exhibited in galleries across the West Coast and New York. #art #artist #petergronquist #sculpture #warholian

The Skywhale is a hot air balloon designed by sculptor Patricia Piccinini as part of a commission to mark the centenary of Canberra. The artist often creates realistic human-like sculptures and her work is exhibited worldwide. #patriciapiccinini #art #artist #hotairballoon #skywhale #balloon #whale #installation #sculptor #sculpture #canberra

Artist Taro Hattori’s “Obscenity” installation at theArtmrkt San Francisco Art Fair - which runs through this weekend! This year’s show is the best yet! Artists, this is a must to attend - great selection of work exhibited throughout! 

For more info and ticketing info visit:http://www.art-mrkt.com/sf

Photo by Michael Cuffe for Warholian.

"Nine of Swords" by artist Peter Gronquist - interpreted from a standard Rider-Waite tarot deck.

Mixed Media: Oil, Acrylic, Plexiglass, Resin, and Paper

11” x 14” 

Part of the Tarot: Art of Fortune exhibition at Modern Eden Gallery in San Francisco, curated by Warholian’s own Michael Cuffe.

Don’t miss this chance to purchase the original here: http://www.moderneden.com/collections/tarot/products/seven-of-wands

For more on Lauren, follow her here: http://www.petergronquist.com/

"In the Woods, Of the Woods" by artist Valerie Hegarty.


Wood, wire, plaster, paper mache, acrylic, canvas, artificial leaves

78” x 11’3” x 24”

For more from Valerie, visit:  http://valeriehegarty.com/

Tonight! One of the most ambitious public art installations The Bay Lights opens on the San Francisco/Oakland Bay Bridge! Come out to the Embarcadero to view this historic lighting! After party at Project One Gallery in the Design District of San Francisco.

This is a historic night for art, and one of the largest art installations ever produced. Do not miss it! 

Note: Dress warm, and prepare for the possibility of rain.

For more information on tonight’s lighting and times, visit the official Bay Lights page here:http://thebaylights.org/event/grand-lighting-happenings/

"Horizons" by artist Neil Dawson
Welded and painted steel
15 x 10 x 36m

Dawson’s Horizons is one of the earliest sculptures to be commissioned for the Gibbs Farm. Sitting as it does on one of the highest points in the property it is also one of the few works that can be seen from the road.
This seems fitting given the way the tromp l’oeil character of the work is suggestive of a giant piece of corrugated iron that might have blown in from a collapsed water tank on some distant farm, only to rest precariously until the next gale lifts it into the air again.

"La Promessa" by Sculptor and Artist Matteo Pugliese - who creates forms emerging from gallery walls. Bronze. (2010)http://www.matteopugliese.com/

"La Promessa" by Sculptor and Artist Matteo Pugliese - who creates forms emerging from gallery walls. Bronze. (2010)


"Artificial Moon" by artist Wang Yuyang is a sculpture composed of hundreds of energy saving light bulbs of different shapes and sizes.

Wang Yuyang, born in 1979, is an accidental new media artist. Interested in obsolete technology, an aesthetics of the broken, and material waste, his practice involves highly conceptual installation, photography, and video. Recent works have carried on the tradition of the post-sense sensibility generation, employing humorous and pseudo-spectacular tactics to interrogate the relationship between body, experience, and cognition. His work has been shown in major exhibitions and festivals across China and Europe

"Rinoceronte vestido con puntillas" sculpture by Salvador Dalí (1956)

Located at Puerto José Banús, Marbella, Spain (placed in 2004)

Joana Vasconcelos - “Lilicoptère”
at the Chateau de Versailles, 2012 Photo: Kisa Lala

Check it out on HuffPost Arts here:http://www.huffingtonpost.com/kisa-lala/marie-antoinettes-royal-m_b_1605616.html?utm_hp_ref=arts

These sculptures are made of over 50,000 matches by artist David Mach.  Pretty amazing stuff…