Take a last look at all the work that hasn’t sold in Tarot: Art of Fortune curated by Warholian’s Michael Cuffe - this is the last chance for the public to be able to purchase this work while the show is still up (last exhibition day today)!

View available work here:  http://www.moderneden.com/collections/tarot

Or swing by Modern Eden Gallery before 6pm today to see the work in person!

An introduction to Tarot: Art of Fortune from curator, and Warholian's editor in chief Michael Cuffe

For more on the show visit Modern Eden here:  www.ModernEden.com

Tonight Clique (an group of emerging artists) presents “Not Your Average Art Show” in which there is no set price for the artwork for sale. The gallery functions in a “silent auction” style where buyers can pick up some amazing art at incredible prices. We’re most definitely stopping by!

For more information visit the FB event page: http://www.facebook.com/events/349057261821759/

Check out our exclusive photos of Metallica’s OBEY YOUR MASTER opening this past friday as shot by Warholian's own Birdman Photos and with a nice writeup by Keisha Raines!!!



We had an awesome time at the First Annual Supersonic Electronic Invitational show this past Thursday! Get a look at the opening night pics here and stay tuned as we upload all the new work to Tumblr in the weeks to come!

A 7 minute fisheye walking tour of the Mr. Brainwash show during Miami’s Art Basel 2011 for Warholian.

The work of artist Rod Luff rocks!

We’re exited to see our friends at Spoke Art open their new gallery space at 816 Sutter Street in San Francisco with an inaugural show featuring the work of Australian artist Rodd Luff!

Be sure to visit the event page here:https://www.facebook.com/event .php?eid=120459558032685

A combination of miniature oil paintings, sketches, notes, doodles, and studies, the Moleskine Project brings to light Luff’s conceptual underpinnings and creative inspirations in an accessible and affordable exhibit of original art. Come join us May 5th to welcome Luff to San Francisco.

Where: Spoke Art Gallery - 816 Sutter Street, San Francisco

When: Opening night: May 5th (artist in attendance). Show runs until May 28th.

Additional Links:



More amazing work from Oakland based artist Derek Weisberg!

Modern Fabulists opens on 22 April and closes on 29 May 2011.

"Modern Fabulists is a groundbreaking exhibition featuring America and Europe’s most extraordinary contemporary artists. For the first time we are collaborating with the new American and English art duo Coates and Scarry, which has exposed us to one of the most comprehensive collections of young, international and diverse modern artists of our time."

Read the full story here: http://viewartgallery.wordpress.com/2011/03/19/modern-fabulists-preview/

Attend this event here:  http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=107503735977867&ref=ts

Truisms: A Tribute to Jenny Holzer as curated by Joanie Martinez is opening this weekend, and we just received this wonderful preview of the show.  Check out the beautiful work by all the artists, but especially this amazing flag work by Eddie Colla which reads:

You’re big.
You’re dumb.
You’re white.
You drink beer
and watch the NFL because it mirrors your approach to conflict.
You over-consume and under achieve.
You think you are this nation.
You think you are the heir to this nation.
You have traded our legacy for mitigated fear and complacency.
You distrust intellectuals and aspire to stagnation.
You rent spaces to store things you never needed.
You elect simple men to guide you through a complex world.
You cry to mandate a language you haven’t mastered.
You’re afraid of everything.
You’re angry.
You watch TV
You let men with lapel mics tell you why you’re angry and who you’re angry with.
You fly by, drop bombs and expect to leave freedom and democracy in your wake.
You feed your children crap food, crap information and crap entertainment.
You think you represent all we stand for,
when in fact, your arrogance and ignorance
will be our ultimate failure.
You’re lazy and distracted.
You blame as if blaming is a resolution.
You veil your fascism and xenophobia under the righteous indignation of patriotism.
You’re reactionary.
You feel entitled.
You carry signs and wave flags and pump your fists.
You chant USA like baboons fighting for a female.
You cling to that remaining DNA.
You pull history from it’s context and twist it into some malformed quasi platform.
You preach patriotism and freedom and spend your money on goods made under
 totalitarian regimes.
You vote with your dollars.
You abandon your values and ideals in exchange low low prices.
You preach christianity in a manner that ignores it’s very tenets.
You stand as an impedance to progress,
as if you could hold back a world that is moving past you.
You scream and roar like a dinosaur amidst plummeting temperatures.
and if anyone owes anyone an apology
you owe me one.


More on the show:

Truisms, A Tribute to Jenny Holzer
October 16, 2010 7pm to Midnight

Show Curated by Joanie Martinez


Jenny Holzer is an American conceptual artist that focuses on the obstacles commonly approached in life from power and war to death and violence. Starting in the late ‘70s Holzer compiled a list of “truisms” which she circulated around public spaces.

TRUISMS is a show inspired by artists I have worked with previously, artists whom I have come to respect, and how I see Holzer‘s precedence relevant to their vision. The artists have taken the words of Holzer and reinterpreted them presenting their own approach to the obstacles she has chosen to expose.

Participating Artists:

Sanjin Agic
John Felix Arnold III
Robert Bowen
Eddie Colla
Sean Desmond
Michelle Kim
Aaron Lawrence
David Young V
Nathan C Warner


Check out our Warholian photo shoot of Skinner, his work, and the opening at White Walls on Saturday Night!  See all of our shots here on flickr: http://ow.ly/2qnOT 

For more on Skinner’s current show “This Fear You May Know” please visit White Walls in San Francisco.