"Graffiti in Ruins" photographed by @mikecuffe in Athens, Greece. (2013) #athens #greece #graffiti #throwup #spraypaint #warholian #michaelcuffe #writingstyle

"Mario-Luigi" by artist Samuel Rodriguez.

Part of “Game On” an exciting game based art show at San Francisco’s graffiti playground 1AM SF!

For more on the event visit the FB page here:  https://www.facebook.com/events/578353008850452/?fref=ts


“GAME ON” opens March 22nd, from 6:30-9:30pm. This group exhibition will be featuring new works inspired by the video game characters that molded us in our formative years through today. Expect to see a blend of designer vinyl custom toys and canvases that reboot the personalities and realities of classic video game icons (Mario, Zelda, QBert, Contra, Bowser, Mega Man, and more). 

The artist lineup includes Vogue TDK, Frank Kozik, Jesse Hernandez, Robert Bowen, Monty Guy, Sam Rodriguez, Toro, Pemex, Satyr, Nate1, Christopher de Leon, Goser, Tim Diet, Mike “BAM” Tyau, Estria, Ardabus Rubber, JC Rivera, Igor Ventura, Carson Catlin, Grimsheep, Gomi, RsinArt, Clark R, Chris Moore, Timbone, and Sekure D. 

“GAME ON” will be showing concurrently with the Game Developer’s Conference at the Moscone Center and the premier launch event of the 1AM Mobile app. Don’t miss the reunion of the 1AM artists and their favorite characters here at the gallery!

Join us March 22nd, 6:30-9:30pm for the opening of “GAME ON”!

For more information, visit www.1AMSF.com. If you have any questions or would like to be part of the preview, please email maya@1AMSF.com.

"No Can Left Behind" show by Can Love at 941 Geary Preview… check out the show tonight!

June 16 - July 28, 2012

Canlove is an LA-based Graffiti Recycling Organization founded and managed by creative partners DJ Neff and Paul Ramirez. The non-profit kicked off over two years back, but the guiding inspiration had an earlier birth. Neff, a graffiti artist who started in the nineties describes the idea as part of a natural evolution of his interest in spray paint: “I wanted to understand the can better than anything - to make it do everything. There are too many cans everywhere to not use them,” says Ramirez, “Canlove is much bigger than a couple of people. We’re going to need a lot of help to bring our bigger vision to life.”

"No Can Left Behind" will be the first large scale installation of the artist collaborative. This show exemplifies the full process of graffiti itself, taking the tools that have enabled street art culture and allowing them to stand alone as new visual art. 

Very cool…

"Spray Can" by artist Julien Vallee

Berlin, 2008

Paper sculpture created for the main exhibition of Illustrative Zürich festival 2008.

What — me worry?? #alfredenewman #mad #graffiti #spraypaint (Taken with instagram)

Studio visit with artist Casey Gray, check out his upcoming show next saturday at White Walls! #Caseygray #spraypaint #art #artist #whitewalls (Taken with Instagram at Dogpatch)