Australian Street Artist RONE is premiering his first San Francsico show entitled “Darkest Before the Dawn” at White Walls Gallery.  What you see here is a look at some his latest gallery work.

For more about the show visit:

An epic street art exhibition opening up in Los Angeles September 8th….

“Epilogue” is a fully immersive art installation taking over the entirety of Hold Up Art Gallery in downtown Los Angeles.  The Bay Area’s most prolific vandals, D Young V, Eddie Colla , and Hugh Leeman present a vision of our world, after it’s inevitable collapse. A gun loving culture, it’s corporate behemoths, and a financial meltdown make for fertile subject matter at this timely Los Angeles exhibition. “Epilogue” opens Saturday, September 8th at 7p.m. Hold Up Art Gallery is in the heart of downtown Los Angeles , 2 blocks South of The Geffen Contemporary 

"Architectural Rash" the latest 4ft x 3ft stencil (that’s right, stencil) by artist and photographer Logan Hicks.  

Logan’s show opens at The Outsiders in London tomorrow night.

For more on the art of Logan Hicks visit:

Pretty great idea… 3m (famous for Post It Notes and Velcro) recently placed three million dollars in a bus advert stall to show the strength of their bullet proof glass.

Pretty great idea…

3m (famous for Post It Notes and Velcro) recently placed three million dollars in a bus advert stall to show the strength of their bullet proof glass.

Sarcastic Street Art by artist Mobstr out of the UK.

Shepard Fairey teamed up with Glen E. Friedman, and a Beastie Boy’s Fan Jason May to put up billboards remembering artist Adam Yauch MCA around 3 Los Angeles locations. 

Warholian’s Michael Cuffe took these photos of the Hollywood billboard yesterday.

Lala Gallery a new street art gallery in Los Angeles just opened their doors, check out the review by Keisha Raines and opening night photos by Birdman!

The latest from street artist Gilf…

Courtesy Billy from

UK street artist Sickboy recently opened Wonder Club at White Walls gallery, be sure to check out these exclusive photos from the show by Warholian's own Birdman!

Want to save murals in Los Angeles from being senselessly buffed by the city? Please read, “like”, and share this article, we’re trying to spread the word on this project and situation. 

For some time now there has been an ongoing battlebetween commissioned artist murals and the City of Los Angeles, with many being buffed based on out of date advertising laws. Art murals are being treated like illegal advertising. Artists Saber, Shepard Fairey, Lydia Emily, Desire Obtain Cherish, and other artists are leading the charge - with city leader Tanner Blackman at their backs.

Warholian's own Keisha Raines and Birdman have assembled a nice article highlighting the cause, check it out now and tell us what you think?

Recently LA Taco hosted at show at the West Hollywood based Lomography Gallery Store - LA! Featuring work from Warholian's own Birdman, and notable photographers Reserve Result, Erwin Recinos, Tom Andrews, & Brandon Shigeta. Another nice review by Keisha Raines… check the story and pictures out now!

Check out street artists HERAKUT's latest show “After the Laughter” at LeBasse Projects in Los Angeles. Birdman Photos offers us a behind the scenes glimpse as Keisha Raines reviews the show on Warholian here!  Click the picture to read the story and see the pictures…  

Street artist Eddie Colla just threw this nice piece up on the Telegraph Cafe in Oakland…

‎”Trustocorp” street art on the Lower East side.

(Submitted by Warholian fan Thomas Patrick. Thanks Thomas!)