We <3 Evil Eyes new music video… click the picture to read the story on Warholian!

We <3 Evil Eyes new music video… click the picture to read the story on Warholian!

“Meditation for the Everyman” is a video art project (and meditation) aimed at creating an internal shift in thought and feeling within the participant. With an air of appreciation and positive subconscious messaging, the video gently guides one to feeling good… because feeling good is what it’s all about.

by Warholian’s own Michael Cuffe

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Headphones. Laptop. A room to yourself.

The viewer is invited to participate in this meditation by finding a quite place to watch this video alone. 

For full effect, turn the volume up (don’t worry, nothing will jump out) and enter FULLSCREEN in the video player (the four expanding arrows in the lower right corner of the player screen).

For the “HD EXPERIENCE” turn the lights off making the room entirely dark. With the laptop glowing it’s spectacular luminescence, put your headphones ON.
Relax, enjoy, and “breathe” when the video prompts you to. :)

Meditation for the Everyman was written by Michael Cuffe, paired to the song “Don’t Stop” by Phantogram.

Visit Phantogram online at: phantogrammusic.virb.com/

Check out our first ever video interview with artist Kelly Allen, and be sure to check out her special solo show at Humboldt State University’s HSU First Street Gallery

For more information visit: http://warholian.com/2012/02/02/kelly-allen/

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Gustav Kilmt painting comes to life…

Check out this time lapse video of artist Nick Flatt’s latest realist work “Nip Slip”…  :)

Ever wanted to fulfill your childhood dream of building a giant fort out of cardboard boxes? Filmmaker Doug Usher of VIA just completed a short film introduction to the GNU: experience galleryin Fort Collins, Colorado where they did just that! Be sure to check out this wonderful creative/collaborative art space if you’re in the area!

The ever lovely artist Kelly Allen just finished an amazing install of one of our favorite pieces of hers inside Thinkspace Gallery for the Culver City Artwalk. Check out this timelapse video of the install, and if you get a chance, swing by to see this work! 

Special thanks to husband Jay VanPortfliet for sharing with us!

Powered by Oranges….this is soooo cool!

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