Ad agency Moma out of Sao Paulo Brazil commissioned these faux social media ads, and with the help of 6B Studio illustrators were able to give us a glimpse of our present day Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Skype reimagined as if they existed 50 years ago.  

Advertising Agency: Moma, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Creative Director: Rodolfo Sampaio

Art Director: Marco Martins

Copywriter: Adriano Matos

Illustrator: 6B Studio

Published: July 2010

When I was a kid, we lived in Minnesota and my grandparents were in Illinois. When we would visit, this is one of the mugs one of them would drink out of while they listened to the local news and NPR in the kitchen. I use to stare at these mugs, because instead of two doves, I saw two eyes. #mug #cup #vintage #grandparents #memories (Taken with instagram)